I love and regularly use the CEWE Photobook Software to create a tangible, real live version of my digital holiday pictures. This same software is used by a variety of 50+ photobook vendors in Germany and Switzerland. Still, I was always annoyed about its lacking ability to export the book created as JPEG files or PDF, just to have a easy-to-share digital version.

As the software saves the book as in a proprietary XML format, I took matters in my own hands, reverse engineered it and created an simple java application that provides that missing functionality.

The executable can be found at Sourceforge.net

 As this is just a for fun- & one man project I didn't have any time to test it on different operating systems and platforms. Also not all photobook formats and features are implemented yet. If you have problems running the executable on your computer - you can either:

  1. Create a bug ticket on http://sourceforge.net/p/ceweexporter/tickets/
  2. ...Or check out the java source files from the sourceforge site http://ceweexporter.sourceforge.net, and run them in Eclipse to try and find the problem by youself. If you did find the error and fixed it, you can ask me to integrate it (or even add you as an developer in the sourceforge site), so others can profit from your hard work :)